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Water Accelerator

​The best partner of innovators


Let the innovators
Do what you like and are good at


Committed to creating the latest cross-industry accelerator for Taiwan, to smooth the flow of forward-looking professional talents, strengthen the industry's forward-looking innovation strength, and solve the shortage and related problems of Taiwan's new start-ups that are helpful to the country's competitiveness and can enter the international stage industrial, social, and economic issues. By creating a "strategic link platform for innovative industries", through the collection of global market and technological development information of key industries, the establishment of business opportunity analysis services, the support and guidance of new start-up teams and enterprises, the connection of resources, and the allocation of scientific research subsidy funds Provide, etc., to assist in creating a friendly environment and development mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship, to accelerate the leapfrog development of innovation and entrepreneurship and to obtain investment, so as to flourish the industrial development and expand the entrepreneurship and employment opportunities of the next generation of innovative talents


Believe in your team!
Leave the rest to us


Construct Organizational Culture

get money

get more orders

spark meeting
‣ Performance improvement/goal setting
‣ Cognitive Management / Momentum Enhancement
build team
‣ Mission value in-depth inquiry
‣ Problem Solving Awareness

‣ Fundraising Planning
‣ finance prediction
‣ Accounting adjustments

‣ Entrepreneurship subsidy counseling

market expansion
‣ Brand Marketing/Community Management
‣ Digital Marketing / Business Development

‣ Professional talents stationed


your success
Is our success!

"The Water Source team clearly understands the concept and original intention of our founder's product design, and passes it on to our consumers through the community, so that health starts from the foot. In the channel for products, there are also professionals who join in the development process. want to generate or provide more sales channels.”

Donald Lin Founder at AXLL


"Because of the assistance of the Water Source team, I was able to adjust the company's financial structure, make a financial forecast for the company's future, and be able to explain the company's development direction to potential investors more clearly. At the same time, for social network and SEO marketing, let me Aircraft rental customers can better understand the advantages of the company's products and have more interactions."

Arthur Lan Chairman at ZOCHA

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