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Co-construct new education studentsState circle

Shaping the Campus Innovation Atmosphere

"​ cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and enhance future competitiveness"

"The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes." - French writer Marcel Proust


​How to inspire students' learning motivation for entrepreneurship?

Use topics to attract students' attention,gamified experienceStimulate interest.

How to turn ideas into practical business ideas?

absorbPractical experience in venture capital, to help students develop entrepreneurial knowledge.

How to assist entrepreneurial projects to survive in the market?

face to faceIron Fist of the Market, test the business model and make repeated adjustments.


Allowing students to develop their imagination of the sky,

​ into actual entrepreneurial projects.

school teacher

unit staff

​ How to reduce the pressure on teachers in entrepreneurship education?

Improve supporting measures, to guide the role of school teachers in entrepreneurship education.

​How to effectively achieve KPI?

from the beginning to the end,Combining the advantages of the schoolPlan to reach strategy.

How to stimulate teachers' motivation for entrepreneurship education?

gamified experienceStimulate interest and let teachers understand the advantages and benefits of entrepreneurship education.

How to improve the knowledge and ability of teachers at the level of entrepreneurial practice?

absorbPractical experience in venture capital, to assist school teachers to develop entrepreneurship teaching knowledge.

How to promote the efficiency of internal communication in administrative units?

Gather the consensus of administrative colleagues,Communication with zero resistance.

How to integrate and efficiently use resources?

​ Facilitate internal dialogue, allowing the smooth connection between the planning plane and the execution plane.


Let teachers not only be proficient in academic ethics research,

It can also improve the practical knowledge of entrepreneurship.


While allowing colleagues to achieve KPI,

Can have the ability to more closely assist in communication.

"Drawing a blueprint for campus innovation"

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." - American scientist Thomas Edison

"Entrepreneurship Village"

From 0 to 1, lead students through the entrepreneurial journey!

Course Outline

Three major features of the course

Profile of Entrepreneurship Novice Village Activities

"Market Validation Workshop"

Proof of concept, a step closer to the entrepreneurial path!

Course Outline


Market Verification Workshop Activity Profile



​Cooperate with each school to plan the cultivation content that best suits the characteristics of the school

"Expert Team"

​Establish a cross-industry expert team to cultivate all-round innovative talents


Wang Wensheng Venson

Water Source Capital Co., Ltd.


Lin Xuanyu Neil

Water Source Capital Co., Ltd.

Executive Vice President

Lin Miaoxiang Zephyr
Water Source Capital Co., Ltd.

​Director of Operations


David Wu

technology company

Director of Platform Division

Wang Jianjun Lex

Deep Attack Design Co., Ltd.


"Linking academic research x industry, creating Taiwan's innovation ecosystem"

From Problem-Solution Fit To Product-Market Fit

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