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"Enhancing Decision-Making"

"I knew I should have done this!"
If you can do it all over again. I'm not a noob!

To make great decisions, you need to understand how you make them!

Experience a business war simulation game, understand business operations, and learn to avoid misunderstandings in decision-making!


The outcome is set! At the end of the game, the coach leads the participants to conduct a review (review / reanalyze)

Changes in the blink of an eye, and the slightest difference can make thousands of miles 

Shopping malls are like battlefields 

Participate in this event called【Road to Listing©】
Biz War Game

- Feel the world view that is close to the real world -

In an environment full of uncertainties, under the pressure of time and competition, using limited capital and resources,

Run your business and develop suitable strategies.

- Challenge your perception and judgment -

Strive to be the only company operator in the market to successfully go public and get the long-awaited victory!

- Roughly adjust the thinking pattern -
Systematic thinking, the role and influence relationship of various elements in the game.

- Fine-tuning the decision-making model -
According to the inertia of the human brain when thinking, interpret the type of self-decision-making and understand the difference between pros and cons

- According to the development situation of the game of the day -
Provide supplementary teaching materials and past accumulated cases and experience sharing.

- Attendees study together- 
Exchange the experience and feedback after personally experiencing the game, and what it feels like.

cognitive coach

Lin XuanyuNeil Lin


- Coaching experience -

▶【Road to Listing©】Original designer
Personally host and coach: 312 cumulative games/1,835 people

▶【Enterprise Multiple DNA】Head Coach

Mentored over 600 business owners/managers/entrepreneurs

Breaking decision inertia and sparking leadership change

▶Cooperative mentor of "Harvard Business Review Global Traditional Chinese Edition"

▶ Executive Deputy General Manager of Headwater Capital Inc.

Grasp the next experience activity

Experience board games and understand business phenomena in seconds:
Business Simulation Game - Experience Exchange Meeting

Using gamification thinking to start the teaching method of business simulation games,

Use gamification to solve non-game problems for enterprises, flip the traditional teaching mode,

Systematic integration of "business trends, business management, observation and recognition, team communication, strategic model",

Through the game experience model and thinking framework, and then create the third answer of breaking the box thinking!

◆Date|2023 / 03 / 30 (Thu)

◆Time|Admission is open at 18:45, the activity officially starts at 19:00, and the duration is 19:00-21:30

◆Address|Room 1304, 13th Floor, No. 112, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

(MRT Minquan West Road Station Exit 4/Small Tree House on the 13th floor of Rising Building)

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